Do you have an Excess Flow Valve?

An excess flow valve, or EFV, is a safety device that is designed to automatically stop the flow of natural gas should the flow of gas exceed a pre-determined rate. You may already have an EFV installed-many installations done after 2016 already have one.

If you request an EFV, Dakota Natural Gas will determine whether the existing service line can be retrofitted to accommodate one. EFVs are not  available to all customers, depending on the amount of gas being used and system  pressure in the line.

You may be responsible for costs associated with excavation and surface restoration related to the installation of the EFV. Once an EFV is  installed, there will be no cost to you to maintain it.

If you would like to have an EFV installed, and if your existing service line qualifies for the installation of an EFV, we will work with you to identify the specific cost and to determine an installation date.